Anna Freya, Site Aquisition Manager, Waitrose

LDC has answers to many of our questions when drawing up product roadmaps. If we want to know what the size of a market is, or who the competitors are and how they are performing, Local Data Company is usually able to answer these questions for us.


From the big picture right down to the smallest detail - we've got it covered, nationwide. By physically visiting hundreds of thousands of premises every 6 months, we know who is opening and closing and where; the history of each premises; the best classification mix for a town; and exactly where over 50,000 vacant retail units are located across Great Britain and we'll even tell you where to find your nearest pub so you can wind down after a long day!

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Field Research device + Software.
  • Army of Researchers

    We have a team of over 50 regionally based field researchers, who visit and verify over 15,000 premises every week of the year, capturing a wealth of data & imagery, come rain or shine.

  • Knowledge & experience

    We have been collecting data in the field for over ten years, building up a fantastic knowledge base on how to maintain a database with more than 500,000 'moving parts'.

  • Constantly updated

    Our researchers work tirelessly, updating our database of 500,000+ premises, visiting hundreds of high streets each month and taking thousands of images.

  • The gold standard

    Our data is displayed on websites millions of times each day and we form the backbone of key local search products for Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yell, to name just a few.

  • Triple checked

    We use multiple sources to update our database, including field & office research, which physically visit each premises, as well as direct updates from retailers and customers.

  • Proprietary technology

    We believe in harnessing data and technology - from our office database to the mobile app we use in the field to the products we sell - we have developed it all in-house.

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