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We work with a number of leading brands by supplying the most accurate and up to date rich content for the following:

Points of Interest (POI) Data

For local search, online directories, navigational and mapping products

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Bespoke Data Collection

For collecting data in the field, at scale and in a very cost-effective way

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LDC’s painstaking data collection through its army of field researchers is wholly unique and a highly valued asset to its customers.

LDC Bespoke Data Collection Across Great Britain

Bespoke Data Collection

We work with a number of clients, who leverage our field assets to collect data in the field at scale and in a very cost-effective way.

We visit 70,000 stores a month and can collect and verify a variety of data on in store and external activity. We work with clients in FMCG, Banking, Data and Licensing.

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Case Study

Find out how footfall insights are helping occupiers in Market Harborough to optimise their staffing levels, store opening times and benchmarking store performance against footfall trends. Read the Market Harborough Footfall Case Study by clicking below:

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  • At NewRiver we are very research focused which is why we use LDC. We use research to support our acquisition programme, improving our asset management capability and maximising the potential in our development portfolio. LDC provide us with wide ranging data that is accurate and current. Moreover they are able to articulate that data to NewRiver in a relevant way. Research is important as it allows for better decision making and reduces risk which is why we wouldn't hesitate to recommend LDC.
    Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
    Property Director
  • LDC have not only provided key value add retail & leisure data and insight but advanced our performance indicators and analytics on vacant, closed or new premises, thus providing significant insight into retail businesses and the environment as a whole, across Great Britain.
    Andrew Crisp, D&B
    Data Leader

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