Meet the team

Meet the LDC Team

The LDC team have extensive knowledge and experience in advising retailers, leisure operators, investors, landlords and local authorities on key performance indicators, such as location health scores, company profiles, asset/location optimisation through gap analysis, footfall analysis, impact analysis of new developments/openings and closures, integration of third party data sets and the presentation of these in a highly visual, compelling and informed way.

Our difference lies in the fact that we collect, analyse and deliver all of these key insights from within LDC and we continually to strive to challenge and test our data and analysis through a strong partnership with our clients and the leading universities in this field across the country.

In such a fast changing world having the LDC team on your side is an important contributor to success and one of the best insurance policies you can invest in.

Mark Hurley

Mark has been heavily involved in the technology and pharmaceutical industry for his entire career. He has been involved in the success of many businesses, including a company called Spear Therapeutics, which was a molecule drug design company, focused on the treatment of cancers. Mark has also been involved in a host of other organisations which specialise in everything from stem cell storage to the commercialisation of intellectual property. Mark has been Chairman at LDC since 2013.

Steve Thomson
Non-Executive Director

Steve started his career at consumer market research company Mintel where he became IT director and had a major influence on introducing technology to the company. In 1997, with his wife, Steve founded Thomson Intermedia – a business that monitored advertising activity. By the time Steve exited the business it employed 850 staff across 21 countries. Steve then co-founded First News, a children’s newspaper which has become the widest read children’s publication in the country. In 2007, Steve returned to his tech roots and co-founded Priority One IT, an IT support and hosting company. In his spare time he has three teenage boys to keep him busy, he is a keen golfer and has a commercial pilots licence.

Barnaby Oswald
Barnaby Oswald
Managing Director

Barnaby started his first business in 1998,, where as COO he was instrumental in the development of the online classified advertising business, including partnerships with Evening Standard, Microsoft and Visit London. Barnaby co-founded the Local Data Company in 2003 where as Managing Director he has been responsible for the growth of the company from a start-up to an established business with 70 staff. Barnaby is a keen cyclist, having completed the Rapha Manchester to London ride – 350km in a day – in 2015. He is now planning his next challenge…

Matthew Hopkinson
Matthew Hopkinson
Sales and Marketing Director

Matthew joined LDC in 2008 to establish LDC as a leading technology and data driven knowledge business. Matthew has over twenty years experience in the world of harnessing people and technology to create intelligence from data. He consults, challenges and advises on all aspects of the LDC business and its clients from product development, sales, marketing and media/investor relations. He is a regular contributor to international, national and industry news outlets on all matters regarding UK retail and its places. He runs LDC’s thought leadership programme with the UK’s leading universities. In his limited spare time he supports his two boys, watches rugby (Leicester Tigers), breeds Pekin bantams, run cross country and is a keen amateur photographer.

Ivana Mogin
Ivana Mogin
Technology Director

Ivana joined LDC in 2010 and leads the company’s technology team who develop all technology from data collection in the field to the QC application in the office through to the data warehouse and finally the reports and dashboards clients use. Ivana has 20 years experience in business analytics and has the unique gift of conveying client dreams into reality, which has resulted in LDC being at the forefront of data modeling, visualization and dashboards. She is also responsible for challenging all we do with the question ‘So What?” In her spare time Ivana maintains her high standard of swimming followed by visits to art galleries and listening to jazz. Ivana was appointed as a Director in December 2016.

Veronique Salle-Fertat, Head of Operations
Veronique Salle-Fertat
Operations and People Director

Veronique joined LDC in 2008 having spent 15 years working with large research teams in both the UK and France. She has established critical research processes and procedures to ensure our data is of the highest quality. She leads over 50 people across the research teams in both the field and the office. Veronique is also a certified coach and when time permits likes to practice Qigong. Veronique was appointed as a Director in December 2016.

Nicky Christie
Nicky Christie
Client Partner

Nicky’s background is in sales, marketing and business development. She has moved from selling KitKats to corner shops to complex sales forecasting models to international retailers. She began her career at Nestle UK and was most recently Partner at CACI Ltd. In this role she successfully built and established the Grocery & Convenience location planning business unit – Consulting with UK and international retailers to support their network strategy, location planning and spatial modelling aspirations. People and their development are a key area of interest. For 8 years Nicky has developed and delivered quarterly Presentation Skills training courses to colleagues. She is also currently studying Counselling and Psychotherapy. In her spare time she is a keen cyclist, keeps bees and attempts to mother her two teenage sons.

Michael Weedon
Michael Weedon
Content Editor

Michael joined LDC in 2016 from a leading role in a retail trade association, within which he ran a publishing company, editing a group of magazines, as well as driving IT developments and leading on research and relations with media and government. Long an advocate of the key importance of big data in commerce and official policy he has championed LDC as a real innovation in the economic and political life of the UK since its first public appearance. He admits to serious camera, computer and phone buying habits, but strives for a homely low-tech balance with a new-found fascination with making the perfect Sourdough loaf.

Jon Taylor Senior Account Manager
Jon Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Jon joined LDC in early 2016 with a background in demographics and location strategy – where he was predominantly focused on the retail property sector – working with landlords through to investors, developers and asset management teams. At LDC Jon sits in a cross-sector role and is responsible for our ongoing client relationships with a detailed focus on understanding and delivering against client strategic goals. The Account Management team ultimately exists at LDC to ensure that our clients get the greatest insight from interrogating our data, using our software, or working with our projects based solutions. In his spare time Jon can be found brewing beer, drinking beer, or cycling around Richmond Park.

Nelia Vateva, Relationship Manager
Nelia Vateva
Senior Relationship Manager

Nelia joined LDC having previously worked at IBM, and works with Institutional Investors, Private Equity, Banks, Landlords and Developers. She received her Certificate in Investment Management in 2014. Nelia has developed a strong understanding of a wide variety of investment strategies along with the threats and opportunities investors face in such a fast changing occupational market. In her spare time Nelia likes travelling and practicing hot bikram yoga!

Lucy Stainton, Relationship Manager
Lucy Stainton
Senior Relationship Manager

Lucy joined LDC with extensive experience from her time at CACI in helping retailers better understand where to be or not to be. She works with a diverse group of occupiers from supermarkets, fashion brands to restaurants where she provides insight, knowledge and the dashboards to ensure clients are able to make evidence based decisions, which deliver a positive impact on their business. In her spare time Lucy is a member of The Retail Trust and also volunteers once a week as a learning mentor with a charity supporting refugee families in and around Wandsworth.

Chris Fowler, Relationship Manager
Chris Fowler
Relationship Manager

Chris has 18 years’ experience in helping retailers and leisure brands to optimise their locations and increase customer loyalty. He has a background in location planning and customer insight with retailers such as Boots and Tesco, followed by 10 years at Experian, adding value from data with a range of UK and global brands. In his spare time Chris can be found either playing 5-aside football, tinkering on his allotment or driving his daughter to various dance festivals.

Ronald Nyakairu, Analytics and Academic Partnerships
Ronald Nyakairu
Senior Insight Analyst

Ronald joined LDC in 2014 having completed a postgraduate Masters in Business Analytics with Distinction. He works closely with clients and the media in the delivery of bespoke reports and analysis along with integration and modelling of client and third party data. Ronald is also our academic liaison for our seven partner universities and also helps over 30 students a year. In his spare time Ronald contributes to real estate developments in East Africa and also plays football to a frighteningly high standard.

Sarah Phillips
Marketing Manager

Sarah joined the team in 2016 and is responsible for the management of all marketing channels for the Local Data Company. Having always worked in B2B, she brings with her varied experience in online and offline marketing including content marketing, social media and events. In her spare time Sarah enjoys stand-up comedy, trying out recipes from the Great British Bake-off (if you’re brave enough to try them) and has made a (slightly shaky) venture into the world of half-marathon running.

Noelle Ghanem
Noelle Ghanem
Digital Marketing Specialist

Noelle joined LDC in 2015 having previously worked at Google Digital Garage. She focussed on optimizing Google Maps and locations across West Yorkshire as well as helping Northern businesses with their Digital Marketing and Design Strategy (UI & UX). Noelle is highly interested in machine learning, human-centered design and the social impacts of new technologies. In her spare time, Noelle enjoys watching Ted Talks, exploring the world, camping, hiking and swing dancing!

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