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LocalDataOnline helps Retail Investors and Landlords with the following:

Portfolio Analysis

Track the performance of your portfolio and benchmark against your competitors.

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Due Diligence

Improve and optimise the assessment of your potential new acquisitions.

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Asset Management

Improve the attractiveness of your investments and increase ROI for existing investments.

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Investment Strategy

Identify the locations/assets that match your specific investment strategy.

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Find out how Tristan Capital Partners works with LDC to enhance their understanding of retail occupancy and vacancy trends across the UK, identify suitable investment opportunities and to increase the ROI of their existing assets.

Bespoke Reports

  • Gap Analysis Report

    The Gap Analysis Report enables you to identify retailers and leisure operators that are present in comparative and/or competing schemes but not in yours. The report allows you to:

    • Analyse under & oversupply in the town centre to identify gaps in the tenant mix
    • Identify retailers that are expanding in the relative region and occupying relevant units – e.g. by asset class/format/size



  • Portfolio Analysis (Occupiers Evaluation) Report

    The Portfolio Analysis (Occupiers Evaluation) / Asset Occupier Evaluation Report enables you to analyse tenants across your whole portfolio and identify the potential risk of tenants leaving your assets.

    The report highlights any structural changes taking place in a tenant’s estate as well as the rate of change – e.g. Next shutting down on high streets and opening in retail parks in the West Midlands and Wales.



  • Due Diligence Report

    The Due Diligence Report provides a comprehensive analysis on the performance of assets for a potential acquisition.

    The analysis is created by combining extensive demographic profiles, retail occupancy and SWOT analysis over time.

    Below is an example Due Diligence Report:

  • Tenant Engagement Report

    The Tenant Engagement Report supports asset managers and agents in identifying and attracting individual tenants. It consists of the following sections:

    Overview of town population catchment

    • Demographic profiles compared to regional and GB average for age, shopper classifications, catchment population in drive times (10, 20 and 30 minutes or by a 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m and 4000m radius)
    • Demand side – expenditure levels by business type


    Analysis and comparison/differences of location retail environment

    • Current retail mix
    • Premium/Mass/Value offer
    • Health stability and historical trends
    • Competitive landscape


    Analysis of target occupier’s portfolio

    • Context of the relative sector growth/decline rate on a national and regional level
    • Analysis of the target tenant portfolio and matching rate with assets that have a similar tenant mix within the same type of asset or within a 200m proximity


    Below is an example Tenant Engagement Report:

  • Town Report

    The Town Report report provides an overview of the current retail/leisure occupancy and health of a town centre and any shopping centres within it. It also looks into historical trends and changes in the health of the location in comparison with competing centres.

    The report provides actionable insights through identifying opportunities and threats and includes:

    • Competing assets/locations along with hierarchy
    • Health scores based on LDC/Morgan Stanley index
    • Vacancy rates (current and historical)
    • Persistency of vacancy by location
    • Premium/Mass/Value offer mix and change over time
    • Occupier mix (including national trends by fascia)
    • Comparable locations and their occupier mix
    • Impact analysis of potential developments/tenant mix
    • Socio economic data and drive time population analysis



  • Fastest Growing Retailers Report

    The Fastest Growing Retailers Report supports the proactive management of assets and provides asset managers and investors with immediate insight into which retailers are currently expanding and/or contracting, in which locations and  by how fast. This saves you time and money by assisting you in targeting the most suitable and successful occupiers for your assets.

    The report can be created by sector, region or asset class.


If you would like to find out more about these bespoke reports or other analysis please click the button below:

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Portfolio Analysis

LDO enables you to overlay your assets and analyse their performance though our health index as well as benchmark funds and portfolios with national and sector historical trends.

LDO identifies competing centres and tracks how they are changing so you are aware when factors around you change which may be a risk or an opportunity.

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Asset Management

LDO provides operational support through evidence based location insight as well as analysis of change over time of occupancy, vacancy, tenant mix and demographics.

Our Retailer Gap Analysis Report provides immediate information on which retailers are present/missing in competing centres, saving you the time and cost of travel and site visits.

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Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

LDO provides immediate and unique access to activity on the High Streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks across GB.

LDO delivers actionable insights, which will help you identify and assess the attractiveness of an asset (LDC Health Index) and compare it with nearby and competing locations. It also enables you to understand how an asset or location has changed since 2008.

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Investment Strategy

Using LDO you can virtually visit over 3,000 high streets, shopping centres and retail parks that have been analysed in detail for you.

In addition we produce bespoke reports to identify the locations and assets that match your investment criteria based on characteristics such as:

– Size of centre/asset
– Health Index – current/historical
– Direction of travel – improving or declining
– Vacancy rate
– Persistent vacancy
– Presence of specific retailers
– Number of competitors
– Size of population catchment

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Customer Testimonial

  • NewRiver engaged with LDC to understand footfall at The Ridings Shopping Centre. The brief was to understand not only flows of people into/out of the centre but also around the scheme and across floors. NewRiver decided to use two footfall solutions simultaneously in order to test and compare the accuracy of LDC’s newly developed technology – the results were positive. NewRiver found the mobile device counting solution from LDC has created results which gives greater granularity into flows within the scheme but was also able to distinguish visitors during peak times better than the, now removed, previous solution. LDC is working to bespoke the data visualisation and reporting in line with specific requirements by NewRiver which will be used for board level reporting, marketing activities and investment decisions.
    Paul Wright, NewRiver
  • Through a combination of internal data, external demographics and LDC’s retail locations and footfall data Poundworld is building models for forecasting expected profitability as well as identifying suitable locations to deliver the required level of sales.
    Poundworld transparent background
    Kieran Gwynetter, Poundworld
    Property Analyst
  • BlueGem worked with LDC on our diligence for Jack Wills, a premium British fashion brand. The work was done to a high standard, delivered on time and presented with clarity and extremely helpful insight, layered on top of excellent data. We will surely work with LDC again and we would recommend them to any of our peers.
    Vishesh Srivastava, BlueGem
  • We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with LDC. The online dashboards are very simple to use and work well. Any additional help was always on hand and Nelia was always keen to meet with us and support us in any way she could.
    James Purvis, Tristan Capital Partners
    Associate, Research and Investment Strategy
  • As well as providing a comprehensive and unique data set that enables us to build a stronger understanding of the UK retail markets, LDC has a flexible approach in delivering to our requirements.
    James Purvis, Tristan Capital Partners
    Associate, Research and Investment Strategy
  • More and more occupiers need information based on facts about places and not opinions or predictions. This is where LDC helps us to approach them.
    Emma Mackenzie, NewRiver
  • At NewRiver we are very research focused which is why we use LDC. We use research to support our acquisition programme, improving our asset management capability and maximising the potential in our development portfolio. LDC provide us with wide ranging data that is accurate and current. Moreover they are able to articulate that data to NewRiver in a relevant way. Research is important as it allows for better decision making and reduces risk which is why we wouldn't hesitate to recommend LDC.
    Allan Lockhart, NewRiver
    Property Director

LDO Features

  • Health Index

    The Health Index essentially allows you to benchmark over 3,000 locations against a health index with 12 data inputs (catchment, spend, occupiers and vacancy rates) that correlates results to Large, Medium and Small high streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.

    It has been proven to be a robust proxy for location health and shows key trends over time and has been developed in partnership with Morgan Stanley.

    You can also bespoke the index to your specific business criteria and quickly analyse how your stores score and whether their locations are strengthening, stable or weakening.

    Bespoke Health Index

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  • Competitor Analysis

    Once you have selected an asset in your portfolio/fund you can view all competing centres within a 10, 20, 30 minute drive time or by distance (kilometres).

    You also have the ability to switch between Town Centres, Shopping Centres, Retail Parks or view them all.


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  • Location Overview

    With the Location Overview you can gain an instant understanding of the in town and out of town offer.

    The information included in this dashboard shows you the hierarchy of places, the scale of retail, classification mix, quality of retail offer, demographics (and more) and how it is changing over time.

    The tabs at the top offer further insight to trends and patterns over time.

    Location overview - Identifying new retail locations

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  • Drive Times

    Quickly identify drive time catchments from a location by up to 10, 20 and 30 minutes drive time or by a 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m and 4000m radius. You can also identify competing centres within these catchments and understand key benchmarks.

    Retail Drive Times by distance and time

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  • Interactive Map

    The interactive map functionality brings the data to life and gives context to it. Here you can understand the relative importance of competing locations, clearly see clusters, identify prime pitch or see vacancy hot-spots.

    It is also possible to filter, zoom in or export any of the data you see on the map.

    Our ‘bespoke boundaries’ tool also allows you to create bespoke areas for analysis.


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  • Reports

    LDO has a wide number of reports that enable you, at the click of a button, to export detailed reports.

    Reports include detailed analysis of a retailer’s locations, town reports, gap analysis, competitor analysis, expansion opportunity reports and market reports including fastest growing fascia.

    All reports provide historical analysis in order to understand the trends happening across your current and potential locations.

    Reports in LDO

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Retail Performance Indicators

Health Score

Measure the vitality of a town or centre in terms of vacancy, anchor retailers presence, leisure offer and dwell time, charity shops presence and population per shop.

Direction of Travel

A key indicator for the ‘direction of travel’ in which a town or centre is moving, highlighting whether a town or centre is improving, stable or in decline.


LDC does not just rely on the data it collects in the field but also overlays a growing number of datasets to ensure you have the best insight upon which to make decisions.

Vacancy (200m)

This dashboard displays the vacancy rate vs. the number of units located within a 200 metre radius around a target location or asset within a town or centre.

Historical Vacancy

Average historical ‘Retail and Leisure’ vacancy combined for all High Streets, Shopping Centres and Retail Parks in which your store/selected fascia is present.

Persistent Vacancy

Persistent vacancy measures how long vacant units have been vacant for, by assessing the proportion of vacant units that have been vacant for a significant period of time

Classification Mix

The mix of businesses in a location determines its attractiveness. Benchmark these variances to similar but better-balanced locations.

Independents v Multiples

The ratio between independents and multiples determines the character of a town. Finding the right balance is key to the success of a town or location.

Proxy Retailers

Track proxy retailers (those retailers that are good to be nearby) and identify new opportunities based on previous experience and success.


Identify your competitors and see where they are opening or closing stores in and around your locations or even in locations where you have no presence.

Powered by data (click here)

Our data is the most accurate and detailed data available on the market today. We update our data more frequently across more locations and in more detail than any other company out there.

Over 550,000 premises

We physically visit and verify over 550,000 retail & leisure premises across Great Britain on a strict 6-12 month cycle.

Over 3,000 locations

From the remotest locations in Scotland to the sprawling cities of Southern England we’ve got it covered.

1,000,000+ hi-res images

They say an image paints a thousand words – now you can see every detail from the comfort of your desk.

75,000+ updates per month

Our team of 70+ office and field researchers are continuously checking, verifying and updating our database.

Historical data back to 2008

Not only do we deliver the very latest data & insight on the retail & leisure market but we go back, way back to 2008.

Triple-checked for accuracy

As if physically visiting each unit was not enough, we triple-check every update back in the office for accuracy.

Nationwide coverage

Get the national view of the retail & leisure landscape by visiting thousands of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

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