Helping you understand how activity around your locations affects transaction volumes and profitability.


View micro and macro locational trends around your estate/location of interest with LDC’s Footfall sensors and online heatmaps

For retailers

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For Leisure Operators

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For Local Authorities and BID leaders

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For Retailers

LDC’s unique footfall sensor technology enables you to collect real-time footfall data and analyse trends around your store portfolio by hour, day, week, month and year.

This data can be used to benchmark sales against footfall to understand the impact of marketing activity and whether your stores are performing to their full potential.

Use LDC’s Footfall Heatmap to understand the viability of current and potential locations and to optimise your operating model in line with trends in the local environment through detailed understanding of the most appropriate pitch.

Use the heatmap to layer footfall data on top of LDC’s other dynamic data layers including vacancy/persistent vacancy, openings and closures, retail mix, locations of competitors/proxies, drive time catchments and surrounding brands to understand the footfall trends in context with the surrounding retail provision.

Compare this data to your other locations, streets or your entire portfolio in order to identify footfall trends and realise opportunities. Are your locations achieving their potential?

Track the impact of external activity and understand how location, people and environment drive sales.

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For Leisure Operators

Easily compare the day and night time economies around your estate/potential locations.

Identify trends around key trading hours, i.e. breakfast or lunchtime markets and identify length of opportunity to enable optimisation of operating models and stock levels in line with peak footfall periods.

Identify competitor locations and gaps in the leisure provision around the footfall hotspots to understand how many viable units you can have in a given location and where they should be placed.

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For Local Authorities and BID leaders

Understand where footfall hotspots are in a given location to easily identify the best sites to run events and local initiatives, such as food stalls and Christmas markets.

Quantify and evidence the impact of events, local initiatives and BID work by highlighting changes in footfall density and flows.

Understand the impact of seasonality and changes in the retail mix on footfall flows, and how this changes over time. Use this data to benchmark the performance of your town/BID area against competing or similar centres.

Analyse and compare the day time and night time economies for your location/BID area easily and customise the hours that is most appropriate for your analysis.

Download the footfall mini factsheet Arrange a demo View the case study

Case Study

How FatFace are working with LDC to understand macro and micro footfall trends on Britain’s high streets.

View the case study

Case Study

Find out how LDC partnered with Poundworld to help them understand their footfall to sales conversion rates and optimise their store operations and performance.

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Understanding Footfall

Use the dashboard to see what is happening at your locations and answer these questions:


Is the Footfall outside my store increasing or decreasing over time and why?


How do visitor volumes change by hour, week, month and year?

Anticipate Demand

How do the day time and night time economies differ in terms of footfall around my store / in my town?


How are each of my stores performing compared to similar stores and your entire network?

Location Activity

What is the impact of local events and seasonality on footfall around my estate / BID area?

Shopper Behaviour

Are my stores in the best possible locations to maximise on footfall densities during key opening hours?

Store Performance

How is the store performance affected by Footfall?

Staffing Levels

Do you have the right number of staff working to cope with the demand?

Opening Times

Where is the best place for my brand to open a new store?


  • As early adopters of this great technology, we use LDC’s footfall devices to gain an accurate understanding of footfall flows past our restaurants. We get a really valuable source of data which enables us to drill down into performance so that we can tailor our activity to each particular restaurant. For example, the granularity of the data enables us to accurately understand traffic flows during every trading hour and also to be able to compare across our estate - that’s very useful on so many levels. Over the past year, LDC have provided strong support and are always willing to take on our feedback to provide maximum value, resulting in a true partnership approach.
    John Upton, LEON
    Managing Director
  • Through a combination of internal data, external demographics and LDC’s retail locations and footfall data Poundworld is building models for forecasting expected profitability as well as identifying suitable locations to deliver the required level of sales.
    Poundworld transparent background
    Kieran Gwynetter, Poundworld
    Property Analyst
  • The footfall data for my store has definitely helped me to understand the daily trends in the number of people passing outside. I tend to vary my opening hours, so this helps me to plan for coming weeks, and I’ll be focusing on this more and more in the run up to Christmas.
    Mdh sports
    Steve Allan, MDH Sports
  • We can use the footfall data in conjunction with our sales figures to compare year on year and plan our staffing. It has been good to see that the days the shop is closed are actually the days when there is less footfall, so we were right in our opening hours decision all those years ago.
    Duncan Murray, Duncan Murray Wines