58 clubs
and bars

6.9 million
visits a year


Deltic Group are the company behind a number of late night entertainment & bar venues such as PRYZM, Bar&Beyond, Fiction and ATIK.  With 58 venues from Aberdeen to Plymouth and 6.9 million people visiting them each year, they act as the anchor for night-time economy in many towns and cities across the UK.


Identifying new locations

Deltic Group needed the ability to easily review new locations for potential venues. Although there is data available on the market via other sources, Deltic Group concluded this information was fragmented, out of date and inconsistent. In order to analyse new and existing locations, factors such as number of units in a location, competitor insights, demographics and catchments are very pertinent and help ensure each new venue opened represents the best possible opportunity for a given brand.

The alternative would have required pulling multiple data sources into one place and then finding full time resource to analyse the data and turn it into information. Deltic also needed a consistent way of analysing potential locations with up to date information so that they could make decisions with integrity.

This need for up to date and accurate data on towns and cities across Great Britain is why Deltic Group approached LDC.


By using LocalDataOnline (LDO), LDC’s retail location analytics platform, Deltic Group were able to easily view key market health related information and demographics of any town or city across Great Britain.

Having the ability to see this information, on a consistent basis, without having to physically visit every market as part of a process of shortlisting new locations was a huge benefit for Deltic Group – saving resources (time and money) which can be utilised elsewhere.

Deltic Group continue to use LDO when making decisions about potential new locations and for reviewing their existing portfolio. It is incredibly valuable having all the information required in one place and so easily accessible via an easy to use platform.


Screenshot of LDO looking at Birmingham’s Location Overview 

Deltic have recently extended their use of dynamic location intelligence from LDC by installing footfall devices in their clubs. These sensors are focused on the pavement opportunity outside their entrances, and give a robust view of the nigh-time economy in each local area. The footfall data is also delivered within the LDO dashboards, so that the business has a quick and easy way of viewing the latest trends, and linking these to wider insight on the retail mix and changes in competition within a local area.  This helps to give an even better picture of how their locations are changing, and why.

“LDC is like having people on the street in every town whilst sitting at your desk – a rich mine of useful information.

If you are wondering if your performance is reflective of the general trading situation, looking at nearby towns for trends or wondering about new locations, it’s a quick win providing independent verification without the cost of sending people out – and as an added bonus LDC are great to work with and quick to respond to change requests.”

– Russell Margerrison, Deltic Group – Chief Financial Officer


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