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Previous events - 15th R&L Summit March 2017
15th Retail & Leisure Summit
March 21, 2017

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SmartStreetSensor Partner Foum Jan2017 (Previous event)
SmartStreetSensor Partner Forum
January 26, 2017

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2nd Welsh Summit Jan2017 (Previous event)
2nd Welsh Retail & Leisure Summit
January 24, 2017

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4th Scottish Retail and Leisure Summit
December 15, 2016

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14th Retail and Leisure Summit
October 25, 2016

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Footfall Event
The launch of the “SmartStreetSensors” project
July 1, 2016

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Retail Market Trends Event NewWeb
5th LDC Retail Market Trends
March 31, 2016

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13th Retail Health Summit EventsPage
13th LDC Retail Health Summit (H2 2015)
March 10, 2016

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1st Welsh Retail Summit Events NewWeb
1st Welsh Retail Summit
January 27, 2016

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3rd Scottish Town Centres Event NewWeb
LDC’s 3rd Scottish Town Centres Event
December 1, 2015

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