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Innovation is in our DNA

The Local Data Company (LDC) is the UK’s leader in retail location data and insight. Combining powerful proprietary technology with a unique, field researched database of over 550,000 premises, LDC delivers data, market analysis, unique profiling and risk analysis to the leading retailers, financial institutions, analysts, search engines, online directories and the media.

Using its army of field researchers, LDC delivers insight on thousands of locations, including high streets, town centres, shopping centres, retail parks and standalone out of town stores.




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Our unique research method

We update and verify over 1 million retail businesses every year.

The quality, accuracy and timelines of our information creates true competitive advantage and allows our clients to base decisions on solid foundations. This is why we heavily invest in field and in-house research, and continue to perfect our research method to ensure growing coverage and enhanced data quality.

Our field researchers physically visit every premises

We go direct to the source to ensure the highest quality information.

Our field researchers literally walk the streets across the the United Kingdom, analysing and photographing over 70,000 retail premises every month. Using our proprietary technology, which links to our in-house research team, we deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on the retail and leisure market available today.

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We work with amazing companies.

“I have been very impressed how LDC has managed to provide such current and comprehensive data on the UK retail and leisure sectors and its locations. By bringing together other leading datasets in their online reports they have achieved a first for the market and one that has exciting implications for real estate investors.”

Matthew Richardson

Director of Research
Fidelity Worldwide Investment

“LDC’s methodology of hitting the streets and surveying the businesses means that Visit London can rely on its accuracy. There is rich content associated with each listing, not just address and contact details, which greatly help our users understand and make use of the city.”

John Whiddett

Data & Distribution Manager
London & Partners

“LDC's physical walking of the streets is seen in the quality of its data. Their progress in what they can now offer in location decision support and competitor analysis has been amazing, and is backed up with honest customer service - hence why we have entered a long term partnership.”

Michael Flood

Strategic Customer Analysis
John Lewis Partnership

“Local Data Company’s outlet capture for the major UK population centres in unrivalled. Working with LDC has helped my business gain a greater understanding of the changing face of High Streets nationwide.”

James Scott

Market Insights Manager

We are proud to work with great companies

Our clients span numerous industries from news & media, government, search engines and property professionals to banks & financial services,  mobile & telecoms, directories and retailers.