• Our Story

    LDC was founded in 2003 as a data directory business and in 2008 started its journey as a technology and knowledge business. This is not as easy as it sounds when you collect and develop all the technology (cradle to the grave) required to deliver instant analytics, imagery and mapping at the click of a mouse from a database of millions of records.

    Over £10m has been invested in data, technology and people to deliver what we believe is a new and unique proposition to every stakeholder in every place up and down the country that we as consumers walk into – not just the shops but everything from pizza restaurants to pawnbrokers to pet shops.

    We employ over 70 bright, enthusiastic and passionate people up and down the country be they a field researcher based out of Newcastle upon Tyne, a .NET developer, a data analyst, a QA expert or a digital marketing guru. A diverse, different and dedicated team who really push what LDC is able to achieve for its clients week in week out.

  • Our Core Purpose and Values

    Our Core Purpose

    Creating better places

    Our Core Values:

    1. Being a visionary with benefit for all in mind
    2. Relentless focus on the most powerful action
    3. Delivering outstanding results with passion
    4. Excelling by bringing out the best in ourselves and others

  • Sharing knowledge

    At LDC we really do believe in our vision of providing truly dynamic location intelligence

    As a part of this we publish a number of reports throughout the year to give stakeholders, customers and the industry a better understanding of the retail environment from a retailers, leisure operators, landlords, investors and local government point of view.

    We also hold a number of retail events & summits which are free to attend and we regularly contribute to news stories and appear online, in print and on TV.

    Sharing Knowledge

We are the only company who go direct to the source

Field Research

Field Research 2

Our field researchers walk the streets across the United Kingdom, analysing and photographing over 75,000 retail premises every month. Using our proprietary technology, which links to our in-house research team, we deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on the retail and leisure market available today.

Office Research


Our office researchers work tirelessly to process the constant flow of data that we receive in the office on a daily basis in order to quality check and verify each and every record to ensure that it meets our rigorous checks before we pass it onto our customers. We triple check every record to ensure its accuracy to ensure we deliver the best data available.

Who we work with

We are very proud to work with some of the world’s largest and smallest brands as at the end of the day they all have a common interest – a need to understand how places and companies are changing. Every boat no matter how big or small sets out to sea with a radar – LDC is the ‘go to’ radar for those who invest, own or occupy retail and leisure property across Great Britain.

Dixons Carphone
Costa Coffee

LDC in the news

We work with a number of news and media organisations in order to provide further insight into the retail & leisure market and regularly contribute to news stories which appear in print and on TV.

Here are some of our most recent news articles that feature LDC data and commentary.

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